Dear Self,

So one day you may find yourself desiring to be an actress, a rising star. Perhaps some kind of musical talent or star. And then there’s another part of you that wants to write a phenomenal top-selling novel. But somehow you find yourself with a Master’s in Social Work from NYU working for FEMA as a social work supervisor. Inherently, this must ascertain that you have a love for beauty, art, and most of all the study of humanity. I’m currently working on a Master’s in Education from Pace University through the New York City Teaching Fellows. Apparently, this is all supposed to be an honor but more than anything I want to make a mark on humanity. I want to change the lives of those around me in some tangible facet. How can this be done, measured, and attainable? I have no clue but currently I’m working as a teacher to 6 high school students with autism and never have felt more fulfilled in my entire life. Perhaps I take after my mother, a special education teacher for 25 years and a supporter of all causes worthy of assistance. Perhaps teaching is my calling which I fully believe it is at the moment. Is it not true that the most brilliant minds of our age have worn many different hats? Perhaps mine for the moment and the foreseeable future is that of an educator. Who else can mold minds in the way an educator can? It’s a home 0utside of the home and I’m responsible.





Dear Saltwater,

You are so fresh and clean and so readily available. Every day I go to my gym you are ready and waiting, unlike many boyfriends and even friends I’ve had. You are reliable and always ready to spend time together. We always seem to be on the same page. I feel that I can be myself with you. Not to mention, you are a heated pool in a heated room in my heated gym in the dead of winter.

It seems no matter what may be going on in my life you are always readily available to make me feel more at ease. You are a friend in times of trouble. After your delicious warm delicacy I get to move on to the sauna and spend time relaxing and detoxing.

So dear pool, thank you for being there in warm times and cold times and in between times. Thank you for always understanding and embracing me just as I am. Thank you for never asking more of me than I can give and being more consistent than some friend and boyfriends I have had. You are full of wonder, hope, the city skyline and make me feel as if anything and everything is possible. I will never forget you. You are well worth my gym membership fee.



Dear Christmas in New York,

There are some offerings you provide which no other city can give. I’ve decided to make a top five list of reasons why Christmas in New York rocks:

1. Beautiful trees and lights galore! Everywhere I turn there is another Christmas light display and another extravagant tree.

2. Cold weather. So I’m a Florida girl but in the past five years I have begun to appreciate the importance of cold weather during the holidays. Somehow it makes it feel more like Christmas.

3. Christmas parties in cramped quarters breed camaraderie. Ok, so I’m the first to admit that New York City apartments are more “snug” than other places. Something about the cramped quarters makes it feel like you belong. Because you’re forced to talk to everyone around you or go home:)

4. Snow. When it snows in New York it’s like magic. Combine with lights and trees, enough said.

5. Diversity. Not everyone may be celebrating Christmas but you see every culture participating in the holiday spirit. Everywhere you look people are willing to help out and spread holiday cheer!

Here’s to you Christmas in New York,


Dear Porgy and Bess,

It’s not every day that I get to hear the melodious tones of Gershwin played for my enjoyment. That may have to do with the fact that broadway is notoriously pricey. So, on special occasions, when my Mom is in town to visit I get to live like the other half lives and enjoy a show. The talent showcased in your production exceeds that of Evita in my humble opinion. Extraordinary voices which demonstrate the trained talent of this city is indicative of the very reason I seek out theater. 

Beyond that your show has an engrossing storyline full of tragedy, love, hope, and despair. I came into the show unfamiliar with the storyline and was fully enveloped in the story of a coke addicted prostitute caring and loving a crippled man. It the quintessential underdog story with a true villain who is played to a T by a pimp-like ex-boyfriend. I think we can all relate right?

To be fair your story is so interesting because it’s highly melodramatic with phenomenal scores and singers. It’s honestly one stop short of the opera I saw in Prague about a incestuous king and queen. Something about these ridiculous and outlandish themes captures our attention and keeps us coming back for me. A more refined and elegant soap opera, if you will.

Even though you failed to produce Audra McDonald on the evening I watched your show, I throughly enjoyed this production. The cast is so solid and so comfortable with one another that I hardly noticed there was even a change. 

Keep on rocking that drama,


Dear Tim,

It would appear that you have received my letter as you have moved across the country. What else could possibly explain such a drastic measure? Surely it’s not money or fame because we all know this is not what motivates you. My only conclusion is that you really enjoyed my letter suggesting my candidacy for your girlfriend.

I live very close by in Queens if you care to go on an outing. I’m sure we can devise some strategy for avoiding the pesky press people. Perhaps we can go to a park, grab a coffee, and a virgin cocktail (since neither of us really drinks now). Afterwards, we could play pool or go to the beach. I’m sure you swim since we’re both from Florida and it’s surrounded by it.

I don’t want to distract you from your important footballer position and I’d be happy to pray that you win games. My Mom prays for you to win games as well. She would be really excited if we went out. Even if it’s just one date.

About the whole age difference. I’ve decided that 3 years is not really that big of a difference. Your maturity makes up for the age gap and doesn’t every man want a seasoned and mature woman? I mean your first crush was probably on your teacher or babysitter right? That counts. Anyway, the lines of communication are open if you care to meet up. I can show you the town without getting wasted or arrested.



Dear Laundrymat,

I will be the first to admit that many a New Yorker including myself does not care to linger in your cold quarters. The televisions on the walls cannot distract from the fact that two hours of my life will be spent in a poorly lit and loud room.  I brought a book, my cell phone, and my planner to pretend that I’m not in fact spending 2 hours of my life really waiting on my laundry to be finished.

However, I suppose this is not really your fault. I have made the decision to live in an environment where owning a washing machine is a luxury. Where I must cart pounds of clothing to you. This all reminds me of Mr. Mom when the washing machine bubbles over with soap and scares the child away. I keep expecting one of your ginormous, ugly, washing machines to explode with suds and unplug itself from the wall.  Perhaps that’s just my own way of making the mundane seem more exciting.

Life doesn’t get more mundane than spending time with you. You do, however, allow me the opportunity to run and get stamps, cash, and  do other little errands. We all just simply trust that a bandit will not carry our clothing off and you will keep watch over your clients.  So thanks for that and also for keeping a routine and rhythm to this New Yorker’s existence.



Dear Orlando, lovers of Orlando, and the not so fond of Orlando,
Allow me to introduce my top picks for restaurants in your town of sunshine, food, movies, theme parks, and overall indulgence for tourists.

   1. Charley’s Steakhouse: This is a bit pricier than most
       restaurants,  but it is a memorable steak. Not only that, there
       are corners which allow a nuanced intimacy. The only drawback
       was the waitress who felt more like a timeshare saleswoman
       pitching to the only male at the table. The wine was full bodied
       and tasty, the steak impeccable, and the fried mushrooms beyond
       compare. I highly recommend this to anyone for a Valentine’s Day
       excursion or high school graduation.
2. Stonewood Steakhouse: Please do yourself a favor and make a trip
       to this fantastic restaurant in Dr. Phillips. It is a nice,
       refreshing break from the typical tourist scene.  The
       atmosphere, cuisine, and wait staff aim to please and do not
       miss the mark.  The filet is delectable and the vegetables are well-rounded and the chocolate   bread pudding is orgasmic.
    3. Saffran: This is a new, inexpensive, European-style eatery near
       the Florida Mall. I highly recommend its cool and chill
       atmosphere, wait staff, and house wine. The restaurant has an
       Icelandic owner, middle eastern cuisine, and delicious, and,
       yet, somehow healthy desserts. I’m drooling just typing about
       the “burger” I had there, which was more like falafel heaven.
    4. Sushiology: Hands down, the best sushi I’ve had in Orlando.
       Prepare yourself for an edgy and funky Japanese atmosphere and
       the option of unique plum wines and sakes. The fish is fresh and
       tasty and I recommend the gigabyte for your big appetite.
    5. Raglan Road: This spot is located at Downtown Disney which is a
       touristy area,but this is worth the visit. I particularly
       enjoyed the Irish dancing they offer as entertainment during the
       meal. Children can join in with the dancers as well. It’s always
       a joy to watch children attempt something new for the first
       time. Enjoy the pork chops with apple sauce and a variety of
       mixed drinks,or perhaps a glass of wine.
 Happy Eating,